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Originally from Ottawa, Alexy Guerer is passionate about music. For this singer-songwriter and producer, continual growth in music is necessary and vital. In addition to a good dose of practice, he believes in learning and teaching making this personal and collective development possible.

It was at the age of thirteen that Alexy discovered the rhythm of the drums. which led him to embark on a study of Latin/jazz styles for several years with percussionist Jack Mcgregor. He then continued his journey with Mike Essoudri, in the performance and music interpretation program at Carleton University. He then contributed to the creation and development of the University's first singer/songwriter program.

For more than 10 years now Alexy has been teaching drums to students of all ages and all levels. Alexy employs an individualized learning approach to better meet the needs of his students.

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Tel: 514-967-7747

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